Indy Author Spotlight: Robert Southworth

Today I am spotlighting a random author.

Here is an author I came across while searching for Indy Authors.

The Indy Author: that not so rare breed of author who has the gumption to not give up in the face of invisibility and go it alone without big brother, aka the “big publisher”.


Robert Southworth.

What do we know about Robert? I know nothing.  But Google quickly shared links for some of his pages (below) and that he is the author of The Reaper’s Breath.


About The Reaper’s Breath (quoted from Goodreads):

“Mary Kelly lies dead upon her bed… Her sorrowful eyes capture the agony of her fate. Anger, and fear walk side by side as the populace of London demand justice for the slain. William Harkness is a former officer of the 66th Regiment of Foot and he has entered the hunt. He will not bring a mad man to court, he is not tied by the laws of the land. William Harkness is the killer of killers, assassin of the evil…”


Indy Author Spotlight: Cheree Alsop

Today I am offering an Indy Author Spotlight to give a little promotional push to an independent author.

If you are drawn to the lure of the vampire fiction, here is a new release available today.


The Prince of Ash and Blood by Cheree Alsop.



“THE PRINCE OF ASH AND BLOOD is about a vampire prince imprisoned under false charges. The appearance of a new prisoner, a werewolf girl who was betrayed and tortured in the name of the crown, interrupts his plots of revenge. With a new cause to stand behind, the vampire prince plans his own death as a means for her escape. But the kingdom has needs only the prince can fulfill. If both survive the dungeon, can they also survive the world of political intrigue, vengeance, and a newly awoken threat to the crown and his people? Action, adventure, conspiracy, and danger intertwine in this paranormal take of The Count of Monte Cristo.”


About Cheree:


“Cheree Alsop grew up on a farm in Utah where she spent morning and night working with animals. Her step-father is a beekeeper as well as a farmer, and so her schooling in the art of honey gathering, animal care, and tending to crops has been tempered by a strong work ethic and an appreciation of hard work and patience. She studied animals on her spare time and became entranced in particular with the North American timber wolf.

Cheree has worked a variety of positions in both the health and marketing industries, including a project manager for a major essential oil corporation, an executive officer for multiple medical clinics, and a designer for CEO presentations. She has ghost written books on health and essential oils and designed pamphlets for business marketing. Cheree has taught high school music classes, and enjoys reading aloud to her daughter and twin sons. Her husband has a successful Chiropractic clinic and she is currently working as a free-lance writer and mother. She is also the bass player for the rock band Alien Landslide.

Cheree and her husband moved from Texas after he earned his Chiropractic degree. They currently live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, and plan great adventures. Cheree is a member of the DFW Writer’s Workshop and the League of Utah Writers, and has an Associate Degree in Creative Writing. She loves reading, writing in stolen moments between being a stay-at-home mom and wife, enjoying time with her daughter, and playing with her twins while planning her next book.”

On the great quest in search of obscure gems hidden in Amazon’s Secret Trove of Books You Probably Won’t Find on Your Search, I searched: BooksMystery, Thriller & SuspenseThrillers & Suspense


A Haunting at Wentzel Farm


A Haunting at Wentzel Farm by Sharon A. Austin

Cover – I give the cover of this book a pass. As a lover of horror, it immediately caught my attention on the search page and piqued my interest. It has the classic haunted house, which has been done many times, but for some never gets old.

Synopsis – I give the synopsis a pass. It tells a little about the story line and the excerpt  sets the tone.

Review – This short story has one customer review giving it two stars. While the reviewer found the story to have potential, they clearly felt the story needed work.

 My Take – Take every review with a grain of salt. It is that reviewer’s interpretation and is biased by their own tastes. This may be a story the author would do well to revisit after become a more experienced writer.  Taking the review into account, I might consider reading this out of curiosity, after all, it is currently priced at only $1.


“A short story based on the character Evelyn Adrian from THE CAJUN GIRL.

A woman is left homeless after a fire destroys her apartment building in New Orleans, Louisiana. At the same time, a severe thunderstorm warning is issued. Trying to get out of the city at night in a downpour while caught in heavy traffic she makes a wrong turn. Evelyn finds a farmhouse by accident. About to knock and ask directions, the door creaks open.


The old dark house stood alone on the right side of a dirt road. Power lines came down when severe thunderstorms tore through southern Louisiana earlier in the day. She got a flashlight from the trunk of her car, and climbed the steps to the wraparound porch. A cool breeze rippled her T-shirt. Lightning cast her elongated shadow onto the door. About to knock and ask directions, the door creaked open. Evelyn backed up. A wind gust whipped her long hair in a frenzy. She took a deep breath and quickly exhaled. “Hello?” she called out in a soft tone, nudging the door open wider with the flashlight.”


Awake Asleep Dreaming Dead

Awake Asleep Dreaming Dead by John Siwicki

Cover – It caught my eye, but I immediately questioned it, a little uncertain what exactly the book title is. It’s not a terrible cover, but it doesn’t excite me about reading it either.

Synopsis – The first thing this book needs, perhaps, is a new synopsis. The synopsis mostly consists of a string of questions that give the impression they are meant to be philosophical. I imagine it is meant to set the tone of the book. But, before I buy a book, I’d like to have a feel for what the book is about. What’s the story? The synopsis is lacking the hook.

Reviews – This book has no reviews or stars.

 My Take – Let’s see the next book.


“Who sees the future, who knows the future, and who makes the future? If a wish or a dream comes true is it ours? Where did it come from? Why do we want it? Is life simply a coin toss floating in time waiting to be snatched and held? Do we make it happen? Is it a random snap of a finger instance moment selection, or can we choose which way to turn? Is it magic, illusion, something made from nothing? In the end there’s silence, peace after the last images of life fades from thought, and the whisper on our breath sounds a word. And, as the last word rolls off our lips into the eternal silence of a cool peaceful morning it’s broken, and this last flutter of time will offer a choice—be awake, asleep, dreaming or dead.”


Nillium Neems

Nillium Neems by Francisco J Ruiz

Cover – I give this cover a pass. It caught my eye immediately on the search page. Again, the spooky abandoned/haunted house theme.

Synopsis – The synopsis gives a good breakdown of what the book is about and is enough to interest me.

Reviews – 6 star ratings give this a 4.5 average. The one lower review, three stars, found the book average, but also expressed a wish for something “darker with a faster pace.” The book clearly did not quite meet their personal preference. However, it does also suggest the reviewer would consider reading a second book. As I will always say, take every review with a grain of salt. Art is subjective to the personal tastes of the individual. The rest of the reviews are five star reviews that are so radiantly glowing they are blinding. They may have really loved the book, or they be friends and family. It’s hard to tell.

 My Take – at only $0.94, I bought the Kindle version. There is enough here to interest me; even though I don’t know if and when I’ll have the time to read it. My bookshelf is bursting at the seams. Will it be a gem? Only reading it will tell.


“Enter the world of Nillium Neems, a mental patient living in the Atrium Psychiatric Ward who is diagnosed with schizophrenia — or so they say anyways. Nil herself is not so sure. Can all of the creatures that she speaks to on a daily basis really be all in her head? Are the doctors that torment her night and day truly doing it for her own good? Or is she the only one who sees things as they actually are?

Nothing is what it seems in this pyscho-thriller, a book about conspiracy, self-discovery, and insanity, which will leave you guessing until the very end, and perhaps far beyond it…”


Let’s Read a Book – The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams

While searching for a book that might possibly be a hidden gem, I learned a frightening thing about Amazon.  There is a terrifyingly large amount of erotica.

Erotica fans, you have my permission to do a happy dance now.

Since it is not my thing, it meant a great deal of pages after pages after pages of books to flip through in search of something the general reading population (aka inclusive of the non-erotica genre fans) might like.

Amazon also cleverly hides any books with few stars and ratings, making them painstakingly difficult to find if you are not searching for a specific title and author.

Now why don’t they make that a search option?  “Hidden gems”.

This lonely looking book ha no ratings or stars and is currently listed as free on Amazon.


The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams by Jeff Rusell

Amazon synopsis:

“Katrina Hammond wanted to stay home and care for her ailing mother but Gloria refused to let the anguish of progressive illness postpone her daughter’s career. Eden Perpetual Life Care was their compromise. The residents of Eden live in a medically-induced dream state, a fantasy world based on their secret desires that frees them from the torments of their physical existence. Unfortunately the process is permanent and severs all bonds with loved ones left behind. When Eden offers Kat the position of in-house neurologist, letting her pursue her vocation while watching over her mother’s dreams, she reluctantly agrees. And when investigative reporter Morgan Brewer shows Kat what it means to be young and alive her own dreams start coming true.
But dreams are not always what they seem. An anomaly in the brainwave patterns of some residents suggests subconscious distress, and when Kat defies management’s order not to probe deeper she discovers something sinister taking place behind the pristine walls of Eden. Unsure of what to believe or who to trust she must now find a way to rescue her mother and the other residents before she herself becomes trapped in their perpetual nightmare.”