Amazon’s Secret Trove of Books You Probably Won’t Find on Your Search

It’s inevitable, with the opening up of epublishing to anyone with a computer and internet connection, hudreds of new books are published every day that will remain forever in the dark recesses of the book sellers’ Secret Trove of Books You Probably Won’t Find on Your Search.

That does not mean they are bad books, bad writers, or simply badly written.  Some undoubtedly fall within that realm, while others may be absolutely awesome gems just waiting for the world to discover them.

Let’s see if we can find some.

I searched Amazon for Mystery, Thriller & Suspense : Thrillers :Psychological and got a massive number of results.

These are a few of the books that showed up only after too much time spent searching.

Note, if you want horror, check out the price tag on the first book below!  Is that U.S. dollars?!

Some random Amazon books you probably won’t find on your standard search:

amazon books.png