Zoella Book Club: Frozen Charlotte

Into The Mist

I love seeing other people’s book recommendations, and I often take to youtube to see what other people are reading. When I saw that Zoella had a book club, I was intrigued to see what she included. As expected, they were YA novels, which is absolutely fine because I do still enjoy reading some YA novels (as long as they are written well). Of all the ones she chose, Frozen Charlotte caught my attention the most. I think it was because I wanted to read something with more horror elements after reading The Harrowing relatively recently.

The story is about a girl named Sophie, who stays with her Uncle and cousins on the Isle of Skye during her summer holidays. Her Uncle’s house, which used to be a schoolhouse, is known for multiple tragic accidents. The house also contains a strange collection of Frozen Charlotte dolls locked within a glass…

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