Review: THE MONK by Akshay Shroff



BOOK: The Monk
Author: Akshay Shroff
Publishers: Gargi Publishers
195 INR
Link to purchase


I received a copy of Akshay Shroff’s debut novel ‘The Monk’, (from Gargi Publishers) already being touted as a national bestseller and a must-read thriller. Having said that, I didn’t want to get too carried away with the reviews I’d read about the novel. Being someone who devours novels across various genres, I was quite looking forward to reading this thriller.

On the surface, the author does well to hook you in. Lakshya Gaitonde, our protagonist, is a typical Mumbai lad. And by typical here I mean, Lakshya is a boy who has had to survive and live through some of the most gruesome terror strikes that the city has witnessed. One by one, the people he loves perish, leaving him battling with grief and hatred. On a mission to avenge the deaths of…

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