Book Review: Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin

whatkatiedoes 🎈

Black Eyed Susans is by Julia Heaberlin and follows the story of Tessa, the sole survivor of a terrible ordeal when she was seventeen in which she and three other girls were kidnapped and buried in a grave shrouded in Black Eyed Susan flowers. Fast forward sixteen years and Tessa’s attacker, her ‘monster’ as she refers to him, is due to be killed on death row. But Tessa is having troubling doubts about whether or not the right man is behind bars and embarks on a journey, revisiting places of significance in the hope of finding answers to try and uncover the truth, all the while fighting an internal battle between madness and sanity in her own head.

The book bounces between 16 year old Tessie as she reluctantly undergoes therapy sessions following her survival of the incident, and modern day Tessa, increasingly haunted by the fear that her monster…

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