Book Review: Kings or Pawns

Rainbow of Books


Author: J. J. Sherwood

Published: October 2015

The True Bloods left Sevrigel after failing to curb the selfish control the Council of Elves has over the King of Sevrigel and the decisions needed to be made in the country. King Liadeltris, the first king of non-royal blood has passed away and the throne is passed on to his son, Hairem, who is still inexperienced in the responsibilities of a king but is fuelled with the desire to prevent the council from wrecking any more troubles. The only elf with pure intentions, King Hairem has to challenge every decision the council makes and try to sway as many as he can to his side. When he meets Ilsevel, the daughter of Nilanis, the El’adorium, he hopes that capturing her heart would has its advantages.

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