REVIEW: Watch Me Go by Mark Wisniewski 

No Shelf Control (MellanieAnnDuque)

Author: Mark Wisniewski

Genre: Mystery fiction

-the book came from Putnam Publishing in exchange for honest review on Amazon.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


I adore how the author made the plot which is I could say that it was well developed.

This novel tries you to make understand a lot of things, that sometimes a lot of people are being judged by their skin color. Friends we thought we know can be also our biggest enemy in the end.

Jan, all I could say about her is that she is such a strong lady, she strive to prove everyone that she is not like what they think of her.

Deesh, the dumbest person I know (in books) he is so blind of his friendship with James and the other man (I forgot his name already lol). He was so stupid I’m telling you! But then in the end out of being…

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