The Ribbon Trap #BookReview

Harshit Pandey

Book: The Ribbon Trap

Author: Shine Syamaladevi

Publication: Lifi Publications (

Genre: Fiction/Romance/Suspense

Pages: 272

Price: 295 INR


About the Book:


Smita, asks the question a thousand times, when an unexpected incident devastates her life.

Then, she was not ‘any other’ girl.

Smita soars from the ashes of her past, to reclaim her life. The more she went ahead, darker the world become. And, there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Smita had to fight the battle, alone…Alone.

For her.

For her love.

For her life.

My views on this Book:

Every new Book brings a new fictional journey which Author has created with his imagination. Whenever I pick a book, there is always a kind of excitement which always pushes me to turn through its pages. When I got the review copy of ‘The Ribbon Trap” delivered at home, I was…

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