Book Review: Reborn by Linn Tesli

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Reborn (Reborn #1)

About: “Archenon, a wild elf and sorcerer, overthrows the high throne. With the Elemental monarchs gone, Aradria is thrown into chaos.
But then, Everine Vargens discover a child who could be the key to the salvation of their world.
Banding together with a group of unlikely companions, they set off to protect the newborn from the grasp of a heartless king.
War is inevitable.”

My Thoughts: I received this book as an ARC from the author, but this in no way effects my opinion of this novel.

I found the plot line interesting and I really liked Ayva, Birken, and Everine. I found them to be relatable and likable characters. I was even sad at one characters death.  With other characters I must admit I was not excited to read from their point of view and found myself skimming a couple of times to get back to my favorite characters.

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