Review & Giveaway: THE CURSED CANOE by Frankie Bow

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As part of a Blog Tour organized by Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours,  I am happy to introduce you to The Cursed Canoe, a new cozy mystery by Frankie Bow.


Professor Molly Barda investigates a mysterious paddling accident, and realizes it isn’t only business majors who cheat to get what they want. Whether it’s moving up in the college rankings, getting a seat in the big canoe race, or just looking out for themselves, some people will do whatever it takes-including murder.

My Review

image004 (1).pngThis was an enjoyable light read that centers around a college professor,  the inter-department politics that drive her crazy, and the man she is dating.

Molly is a  likeable character. She is a good person and feels guilty for even having wished her colleague dead. When the body of yet another acquaintance is found, she tries to understand the connections between the events and the people involved.


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