The Master Magician | Book Review

The NeverEnding Narrative

And we have another review! I’ve been so bad at updating regularly-sorry!

This one is the final novel in a trilogy. I only had the first one and the final one for my picture. I checked the second one out from the library awhile ago (the Glass Magician).

IMG_3420.jpg The Paper Magician (book 1) and The Master Magician (book 2).

Alright, I hope that last paragraph wasn’t confusing. I finished the trilogy and am excited to write my thoughts on the series (mostly reviewing the last one). I initially thought the premise was really cool. When magicians start apprenticeships, they are required to bind with only one medium for life and learn it. You can bond with fire, metal, glass, plastic and a few others. Ceony Twill is forced into bonding with paper, one of the less glamorous types of magic. She quickly learns how amazing paper magic is through her teacher…

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