Bamboo Island by Ann Bennett

Lost in a good book

AB Bamboo Island

After hearing Ann Bennett’s reasons for writing her Bamboo Trilogy, I found myself particularly drawn to the second book, Bamboo Island, because it described the period of history, during the second world war, when all society in Singapore and Malaya was turned completely upside down in a tragic, life-changing manner.  The book moves between the late 1930s/ early 1940s when Juliet and Rose arrived in Penang to stay with their aunt and uncle and the early 1960s when Mary, a young nurse, arrives at the remote rubber plantation which Juliet is running in northern Malaysia.

The events leading up to and during the war, are described in the first person by Juliet, so that we experience her sadness and horror at events beyond her control, while the story of Mary and Juliet in the 1960s is in the third person, enabling Juliet to keep her secrets and maintain…

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