Mermaids in Paradise | Review

The NeverEnding Narrative

Mermaids in Paradise by Lydia Millet fell onto my radar because of the cover, initially. Seriously how sweet is this cover?

2016-05-18 04.00.28 2

I then realized that Lydia Millet was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for one of her other novels, which is incredible. So naturally I had to read this book! I also was looking for something less depressing after finishing classes for the semester (Why do lit classes have incredibly sad book lists?).

This book follows Deb and Chip on their honeymoon. Deb is sarcastic and, at times, lazy. She’s a hilarious contrast character to Chip, who is a bit of a go-getter. They find mermaids on the island (not a spoiler; it’s very obvious) with a parrotfish expert. After the mermaid sighting, many strange things happen as the couple tries to save the mermaids. The resort’s “parent” company, swoops in to claim these creatures and it’s up to Deb and Chip to…

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