The Immortal Rules


The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Genre: YA/Paranormal Fiction/Dystopian

Last Name “K” Bingo


As far as Vampire novels go, this one was a good one. Post Apocalyptic, the world has been destroyed by something called the Red Lung virus. Scientists hoped to cure it using vampire blood but instead, created a sort of monster called Rabids. Half vamp, half monster. Allison is a young girl living on the fringe of New Covington as an Unregistered under the reign of a vampire prince. She’s fighting for her survival when an attack with a rabid goes awry and she is posed with a choice- die human or live forever as a vampire? She chose the later and this book was mostly her journey through the bad lands trying to find out what it means to be immortal and how humans play a role.

This book…

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