Sometimes Doing The Wrong Thing Might Just Beat The Alternative

In The Shadow Of The Oak

“Gail Timson and Nick Hale’s secret affair is exposed when Gail’s husband Barry is shot dead, and they are both arrested as suspects. Released, but under scrutiny of police, press, public, and family, they skip bail and abscond together.

Helped and hindered by witness and suspect alike, the police struggle to identify Barry Timson’s killer. But Barry’s violent brother Alan has made up his own mind, and is determined to exact revenge.

Are Gail and Nick innocent or guilty? And will police solve the case before Alan gets to mete out justice his own way?

There are no bizarre government plots in ‘Love Sex Work Murder’, no incredible coincidences, and no clichéd extreme hero or villain characters. Neal Bircher’s thought-provoking, sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, and often moving tale is of a drama that befalls ordinary believable people, and is all the more compelling for it.”

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I’ve taken a couple of…

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