2 Romance/Suspense book reviews

Dalai Momma's Reading Drama

2 Books…both under the Romance/Suspense Genre. Different than what I am use to reading. Let’s see what Revell Reads/BethanyHouse/Baker Publishing has put out into the world….

So, I don’t typically read Romance. Never really had a desire to read from that genre even considering that it was my grandmother’s genre of choice that I grew up around. I seriously think that was all that wonderful woman read. That wonderful but very prudish extremely mannerly woman….yes, and she read Romance novels like she changed her underwear…religiously..habitually.. one of those ‘must’ in life. Every single week…maybe every two to three days that woman would come home from work with her tote bag..a bag of groceries, and the latest mass market paperback of some cheesy pictured romance novel. She had them in stacks under her bed…all along several rows of wall shelves that my grandfather built for her in their bedroom…in boxes by…

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