Book Review: “The Devil’s Grin” by A. Wendenberg

Dr. Anton Kronberg is a bacteriologist and epidemiologist in 1889 London. He receives a message requesting his presence at the site where a dead body has been found. Cholera is suspected, hence the need for Dr. Kronberg. But another type of detective is also on site. None other than the infamous Sherlock Holmes. The two, reluctantly at first, agree to work together to determine the circumstances of the man’s death. Their plan is a complex one which will involve danger for both of them, and take Dr. Kronberg to Berlin and back. They are up against some very powerful and secretive adversaries but this will deter them from the pursuit of truth.

I just loved this book! Dr. Anton Kronberg works to solve a mystery while himself being a mystery. The character is delightful and intriguing. I found the author’s interpretation of Sherlock to be equally as engaging. The plot…

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