BookReviewSunday: Flickan Som Kom Till Auschwitz


Flickan som kom till Auschwitz written by Sören Sommelius.

This is not a happy book. As the title states this is a story about a girl who came to Auschwitz during World War II and by two pages in we know it’s a true story. There are many different books resembling this one so even if this particular book haven’t been translated into any other language I think you can easily find similar books without too much trouble. Do it. Few things will give you this much perspective of your own life and life situation than these types of books.

The girl who came to Auschwitz is named Katja Olsson when reporter Sören Sommelius interviews her to make this book possible in 2010. Katja changed her name from Kazimierz Kurdziel while coming to Sweden to start a new life, rescued from concentration camps and torture in the last days of World War II…

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