The Rithmatist


Nalizar turned around all the way. He stood tall, and something about him seemed different. Like it had that day when Joel had looked up the window and Nalizar had looked down on him.

Nalizar arrogance was gone, replaced by cool calculation. It was like the young upstart was a persona, carefully crafted to make people hate, but ignore Nalizar as a threat.

— From The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson

Wow. I’ve had some bad teachers, but wow. That’s a quote from The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson. You might have heard of Mr. Sanderson because of The Reckoners, or Mistborn Series, but I am here to review a less known book of his. The Rithmatist is written in a standard third person perspective. However, the setting is one of immense imagination.

It is set in 1908, in the steampunk world of The United Isles. Basically, the United States is…

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