Review: Look At Me by Sarah Duguid ****

Joy Isabella

Two years after the death of her mother, Lizzy discovers a letter of her father’s, from a woman claiming to be his daughter. Shocked, Lizzy confronts her father, who does nothing to dispute the claim, before inviting the newly-discovered relative to their family home. It isn’t long before she recognises her mistake.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Eunice stays for the night, and another night, and then another night. When her relationship with her partner breaks down, she barely needs the excuse to brings all of her belongings to be with her. Eunice is a rescuer. She wants to make everyone feel better and to make everything look better. But she also desperately longs to be rescued and does everything she can to be the centre of attention, to say “look at me” to all of those around her. She is a deftly created character of manipulation; bringing an undercurrent of disharmony and…

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