Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children


20160324_220236 Little Nike really enjoys reading time!

So This book was not originally part of my March TBR, but since I heard the movie was coming out I decided I  really wanted to read it this month, and I can say that I was not at all disappointed.  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs was cute, heartbreaking, terrifying, and all in all awesome.  I read the entire book in just 3 short sittings, and had the hardest time just putting it down.

First things first!  I absolutely LOVED the photograph aspect that the author used for the book.  The antique photos really made the story come to life and brought to light what the author was envisioning as he wrote the story.  Old photographs have always completely creeped me out too, so I feel that the parts of the story that were meant to be a little scary…

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Behind closed doors by B.A. Paris


My very first psychological thriller read was about a month ago , this book exceeded my expectation in many ways. The book is called behind closed doors and its written by the talented B.A. Paris. Behind Closed Doors’ is an enthralling,  captivating debut thriller, where for a short novel, there’s a lot jam-packed into the pages. Jack and Grace appear to be a perfect couple when you first meet them,  However there are little disturbing bits of  information given to us as hints form the author to show that it is not all as it seems.  To begin with I found myself annoyed with Grace, however as the story progressed and evolved, my irritation dissolved. B.A. Paris creates each chapter as either past or present, and they run in a pependicular trail,  soon the two stories gradually integrate into one. I whole heartedly recommend it , its one of…

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Book Review: The House At The Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

For The Love of Fictional Worlds


When Sherlock Holmes turns away the case of persecuted Laura Shirley, Mrs Hudson, the landlady of Baker Street, and Mary Watson resolve to take on the investigation themselves. From the kitchen of Baker Street, the two women begin their enquiries and enlist the assistance of the Baker Street Irregulars and the infamous Irene Adler.
A trail of clues leads them to the darkest corners of Whitechapel, where the feared Ripper supposedly still stalks. They discover Laura Shirley is not the only woman at risk and it rapidly becomes apparent that the lives of many other women are in danger too.
As they put together the pieces of an increasingly complicated puzzle, the investigation becomes bigger than either of them could ever have imagined. Can Mrs Hudson and Mary Watson solve the case or are they just pawns in a much larger game?
It is time for Mrs Hudson and Mary…

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Review: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari



Ok, so first off I want to put it out there that this is the FIRST audio book that I have been able to actually sit through without getting distracted.  I absolutely LOVE that Aziz Ansari did the reading for the audio book and added little side notes and tid bits throughout the book.  It definitely made the book for me.  I have tried several audio books in the past while cleaning, taking a bath, cooking, laying in bed, etc and can never give my full attention to the book.  I always found my mind wandering.  Over the last couple of days we took a day trip to France and then a day trip to Belgium and finished the audio book in 2 days.  It was funny and interesting all at once.

I originally purchased this book thinking that it was a comedy book.  I didn’t bother reading the synopsis…

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