The Art of Racing in the Rain Book Review

Work In Progress

You combine brain cancer and an imminent death of an old, loyal dog and you basically have a formula for a tear jerker.The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is a story reflecting a lifetime of a dog about the turmoil and triumph of his family members, his tribe; it’s a well-written easy read that can at times be a bit forgettable with its cliches and frustrating with its unnecessarily angsty plot.

There are a lot of dramatic tragedies scattered throughout the plot that propel you to read the next short chapter. But that’s the problem. Most of the pivotal points in the book felt too convenient and the characters that allow such events to occur in the first place seem completely unrealistic. For instance, I had a hard time believing why Eve would not consult her doctor earlier. From the medical perspective, for her to even have such visibly…

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