Let’s Read a Book – The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams

While searching for a book that might possibly be a hidden gem, I learned a frightening thing about Amazon.  There is a terrifyingly large amount of erotica.

Erotica fans, you have my permission to do a happy dance now.

Since it is not my thing, it meant a great deal of pages after pages after pages of books to flip through in search of something the general reading population (aka inclusive of the non-erotica genre fans) might like.

Amazon also cleverly hides any books with few stars and ratings, making them painstakingly difficult to find if you are not searching for a specific title and author.

Now why don’t they make that a search option?  “Hidden gems”.

This lonely looking book ha no ratings or stars and is currently listed as free on Amazon.


The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams by Jeff Rusell


Amazon synopsis:

“Katrina Hammond wanted to stay home and care for her ailing mother but Gloria refused to let the anguish of progressive illness postpone her daughter’s career. Eden Perpetual Life Care was their compromise. The residents of Eden live in a medically-induced dream state, a fantasy world based on their secret desires that frees them from the torments of their physical existence. Unfortunately the process is permanent and severs all bonds with loved ones left behind. When Eden offers Kat the position of in-house neurologist, letting her pursue her vocation while watching over her mother’s dreams, she reluctantly agrees. And when investigative reporter Morgan Brewer shows Kat what it means to be young and alive her own dreams start coming true.
But dreams are not always what they seem. An anomaly in the brainwave patterns of some residents suggests subconscious distress, and when Kat defies management’s order not to probe deeper she discovers something sinister taking place behind the pristine walls of Eden. Unsure of what to believe or who to trust she must now find a way to rescue her mother and the other residents before she herself becomes trapped in their perpetual nightmare.”






One comment on “Let’s Read a Book – The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams

  1. Jeff Russell says:

    Hi Lvgaudet. Your post about ‘The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams’ made my day – mostly because of your “Hidden Gems” search option recommendation. Brilliant! As most authors will tell you, getting reviews and ratings is notoriously difficult, which is why we are so grateful for book bloggers such as yourself. Thanks for being there for us! If you would like a copy of any of my novels (no erotica … but maybe a happy dance nonetheless) then contact me at JeffRussell@CabsLantern.com.


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