Any Port In A Storm by Emmie Mears

One Book Two

Some folks are adjusting to having Shades, half-hellkin half-human, be the good guys.  Some folks are not adjusting at all. Ayala has to figure out who is who.

Any Port In A StormTitle:  Any Port In a Storm
Author:  Emmie Mears
SeriesAyala Storme Book 02
Publish Date:  June 2, 2015
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: Audible Studios

Publisher’s DescriptionAfter months of training a budding army of human/demon hybrids, Ayala and Carrick have worked out most of their differences.

Who gets to use the bathroom first in the morning. Who’ll feed the bunny before they go out to make mayhem. Who gets to keep the jeeling claw they found in Forest Hills. You know, the important stuff.

But when Gregor sends them out with their battalion of shades and the mission quickly lands on the wrong side of Ayala’s “don’t kill norms” moral line, she quickly…

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